If I could ever have my pick of a dream vacation, it would be to travel to Ireland and visit the homeland of my ancestors. Without a doubt, I ache to see those stony beaches and to have my hat knocked off by a sharp Irish wind. I want to have chapped cheeks, a warm heart, and a frothy beer in my hand. I just want to pay proper homage to the hardships my people have experienced in much more honorable way than the green beer and holiday Irish t shirts I am forced to do on Saint Patrick’s Day Life was much harder on immigrants than the green Irish party t shirts and beer imply. What you should really do if you’re one of the millions of people who have no actual ties to Ireland who also go out and party hardy on St. Patrick’s, is find yourself an honest-to-God Irishman or someone of Irish decent to drink with. I’m not implying you should take off your awesome Irish t-shirts and ruin your good time. All you need to do is sit down, buy the fellow a drink, and listen to the stories he has to tell. You may find a greater appreciation for the Irish common man’s struggle than ever before. What the night is really about is celebrating a people who for a long time have never been truly appreciated for the hard work they’ve done for this country of ours. Have your whiskey and your beer, but keep your thoughts towards the real reason we have this holiday. It took a strong back, a determined heart, and a true love of family to be an Irishman in years gone by. You couldn’t have gone through the humiliation and trauma these people experienced without such strong motivations and internal fortitude. It’s okay to drink and be merry in your Irish pride t shirts…but remember that this nation would have been a lot less successful without the sweat of Ireland fueling it’s growth.

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